nvemftp Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
FtpViewQListView; Specialized QListView for holding directory listings
FtpViewItemQListViewItem; Represents a directory entry
HostProfileManagerHost Profile Manager for the nvemFTP "bookmark" system
NFtpFTP Protocol Implementation using the NNet interface
NHostInfoQUrl : NNet Host Info / Bookmark
NHostInfoPrivStores the host-specific settings for a NHostInfo
NNetNNet is the generic API for nvemFTP's protocol interface
NNet::DirCacheDirectory cache entry
NNetPluginManagerHandles the loading and creation of objects from dynamic plugins
NNetPluginManager::moduleInfoInformation about a loaded module
NNetPluginManager::NNetPluginQLibrary derivative; Performs the actual loading of plugins, and object creation
NQPtrListQPtrList for QListViewItems
NQueueQListView derivative; Acts as the brains for nvemFTP's queue scheduling and display
NQueueHostQListViewItem for Host connections
NQueueItemQListViewItem for Queue Item Entries
NServerSocketQServerSocket derivative; implements newConnection(int) to emit a signal
nvemFTPMain class for nvemFTP
nvemOptionsWidgetQWidget; Simple interface for options panels
nvemSettingsConfiguration object for nvemFTP
nvemSplitterQSplitter; Allows for a "default" split state

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