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nvemFTP 0.1.3 Released!

Release 0.1.3 is a maintenance release; It fixes a few compiletime problems and various segfaults. It should remember window/splitter dimensions now as well. Enjoy!
Release 0.1.2 of nvemFTP presents a complete rewrite of the queue from version 0.1.1. The new queue design handles queuing from multiple hosts much more efficiently, as well as using a hierarchical layout for directory contents. Please keep in mind that nvemFTP is still in early beta, and especially that it this new queue design still requires refinement. I'd love for you to give it a try and give me any feedback on it, though!

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Current Features List

  • Multi-site queue
    • Uses a hierarchical layout for easy visibility.
      Every Host is the top node, and all files go beneath it, or their respective directory node.
    • Reuses connections to remote hosts if possible.
    • Allows multithreaded connections to remote sites.
    • Handles recursive transfers
    • Handles multiple protocols via a single API.
      (Currently only the FTP protocol has been implemented)
  • Modular configuration panel so you can change every little setting.
  • FTP protocol support.
    • Support for passive/active data connections.
    • Automatic resuming for both downloads and uploads.
    • Directory caching.
  • Singular API for protocol interface provies a dodular design, allowing protocols to be plugged in dynamically.

Future Features / Plans

Due to the evolving nature of such an item, I will periodically update this in the form of a text file, which can also been found in the CVS repository. SourceForge's CVSWeb is often significantly delayed, but here's a link for the current copy as of release 0.1.2 as well as a link to the CVSWeb version.

TODO list as of release 0.1.3
(Possibly latest) version of the TODO list [From SourceForge CVSWeb]

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nvemFTP GUI Mock-up
An old screenshot of nvemFTP in action

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